Peer To Peer Talk

Peer to Peer Talk

Ages: 13-18

Teen Peer to PeerUBM wants to give our teens a goal to achieve by allowing them to work independently to help other teens who are struggling with some of the same issues they struggled with and overcame them.  We will use volunteer teens throughout the community that have met the qualifications to be a Peer to Peer Trainer.  UBM believes that a high morality standard based on biblical principles must be set to lead teens in the right direction.  In addition, we will show how drugs affect their behavior, relationships with others, and how they can overcome their addictions spiritually.  After completing the (Teens Turning Point) graduate program.  Many of these may qualify to become a Peer to Peer Trainer and will share their experiences and involvement in the community on our “Peer to Peer Talk” drug awareness, prevention, and behavior issues TV telecast for all of the Richmond and Berea Time Warner Cable viewing audience.

Teen Peer to Peer Talk


1.    Must be a Christian.
2.    Must have parental consent to be on TV.
3.    Must have Pastor, Youth Pastor, FCA Director, or Parental endorsement.
4.    Must have compassion to reach the lost and hurting teens.
5.    Must know how to lead the lost to Christ.
6.    Must know most of the biblical principles of the bible.
7.    Must attend church on a regular base.
8.    Must be free from all addictions
9.    Must have leadership qualities.
10.    Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to 2.5 in high school or college.

Peer to Peer Talk

Focus Topics: Teen Health Issues
1.    Teen Self Image
2.    Teen Self Esteem
3.    Teen Stress
4.    Teen Anxiety
5.    Teen Depression

Teen Behavior Issues

Troubled Teens Issues:
1.    Teen Smoking
2.    Teen Violence
3.    Teen Drug Abuse
4.    Teen Shoplifting
5.    School Bullying
6.    Teen Suicide
7.    Teen Pregnancy
8.    Teen Eating Disorders
9.    Anorexic Teens
10.    Teen Bulimia
11.    Teen Obesity
12.    Teen Self Injury-Self Mutilation and Cutting
13.    Peer Pressure

For more information please Brother Darnell Hill 859-986-1650

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