Be Set Free From Drugs and Alcohol

Be Set Free From DrugsAs we see the drug addiction epidemic escalate in our community, and see the high risk of people losing their lives to the drugs as well as innocent people on our roads and highways, we must ask ourselves a question.  What are we doing to reduce this risk?   Upward Bound Ministries feel that a drug addicts mind must be challenged by something far greater than society’s rehabilitation system and its judicial system.  We know from our experiences in this field that the only thing that will affect a drug addict’s way of thinking is the Word of God.


Freedom From Drug AddictionYou may ask, how does the word of God challenge a drug addict’s way of thinking?  First, the word of God will reveal to the addict that God’s word is true by the way of revelation according to scripture.  For instance, one of the ways I first challenge a drug addicts mind and heart is simply reading the parable of the seed sower in Mark 4:14-20.  The addict will have one of the four hearts mentioned in that passage of scripture, (a wayside heart, a stony heart, a thorny heart, or a good heart), and will personally experience the behavior of having one of those four hearts by their response to the word of God. Once the addict realizes they are one of those people, he/she will gain faith and confidence in the word of God because they have experience personally what was spoken to them out of the bible.  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Free From Addiction Through Jesus After an addict is convinced that the word of God is true, I will then administer, Matthew 13:12 “For whosoever hath it shall be given him more abundance, but he that hath not, it shall be taken from him even what he seem to have.”  The addict will then know whosoever has a spiritual ear to hear, they will receive more spiritual TRUTH, and those who do not have a spiritual ear to hear, it shall be taken from them even what they seem to have.         
If you are having issues with drug addiction we love you despite what you have done are may be still doing.  There is hope for you.  Come and experience a changed life and a new way of thinking at Upward Bound Ministries, Church on the Rock 1049 Richmond  Rd, Berea KY.

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